Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

We are grateful to all our Cavalier friends who send us photo's of their Honeybet's so that we can see how our Puppies have developed.

Those below are some of the highlights we have enjoyed ~ the one's that got away.

Honeybet Melting Moments Amy from a litter by George and Honey
( Honeybet Melting Moments )
1994 - 2003
Our beloved Chelsea, who tragically died of cancer in 2006 and lived with our
good friend Linda in the USA. She is Pippa's sister.

Chelsea went to some shows as you can see.

( Honeybet High Society )

mating of Frank and Susan
Honeybet High Society
Linda and Chelsea Honeybet High Society
Honeybet High Hopes Theo is a Betsy son born 1995
( Honeybet High Hopes )

sadly died in 2005
Lucy Lucy pictured at 10 years old and in retirement.
Lucy in the Snow 2003 In the Snow
Lucy at work with her owners daughter, sadly Lucy died aged 13 in 2006

We enjoy getting photos each year and these are a selection from recent years.

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