Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

These photos were taken during 2009

'Cassie' on holiday


'Melody' checking out the night blooming cactus, in Arizona


Arthur and Billy are both real outdoor boys, Arthur in a muddy stream, rolling in leaves/dust/grass (whatever is available), then posing for his show photo, then running around as usual. Billy (Peanut) is the most affectionate Cavalier I have ever come across.


Maggie and Sparky in San Francisco


'Dudley' who is Jessica's brother born in January 2009 and living with Allison, Phillip and family.


'Gemma' born in 1994 and sold as a puppy to our friend Penny, now very nearly 15 years old.


Mitzy born in January 2009 and living with Fiona, Nigel and family


Moneypenny and her new best friend


Teasle with owner Richard's mother walking on Dunstable Downs


Gibson at Xmas


Rosie in the snow






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