Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

These photos were taken between 2000 and 2007

 Gemma who is Amy's litter sister born 1994
( Honeybet Half Pint )
 Honeybet Half Pint
 Honeybet Hot Toddy and Honeybet Melting Moments  Amy's on the right with Todd who is
another Honey son but to a different stud dog.

( Honeybet Hot Toddy )
 Choya Tri to be at Honeybet  Choya Tri To Be at Honeybet is Susan's
litter sister and lives in East Anglia.

Pictured below in 2001

Pictured in 2003
Susie 2001

 A mating of Frank and Bracken produced Rupert.
( Honeybet Hot Copy )
Honeybet Hot Copy

Rupert 2001

Pictured in November 2001
Honeybet High jack Ben is litter brother to
Pippa, Chelsea and Jasper

He lives in London.

( Honeybet High Jack )
and this is Jasper ( Honeybet Golden Boy )
now living in Cambridgeshire.
Honeybet Golden Boy
Honeybet Golden Boy


Honeybet Cash n Dash

A Susan son from the same litter as Mia, Ted and Gulliver.

Dash pictured in 2004


Dash pictured in 2003

  Hugo (Honeybet Two Triple Zero)
enjoying a family birthday.

Honeybet Honesty

© Photo : Chuck & Sandy Tatham

Harriet (Honeybet Honesty)
our Harriet scored her first AKC points at the Worcester County Kennel Club show held in December 2000.

Harriet is loved, owned and shown by Joyce Crommett.
AKC Champion Honeybet Honesty

Harriet (Honeybet Honesty)
Seen here winning her final points for her AKC Championship

Harriet is loved, owned and shown by Joyce Crommett, but on this day Donna helped out !
Harriet is loved, owned and shown by Joyce Crommett, seen here winning in 2002 Harriet and Joyce

Chester is a Bracken son born 2001
( Honeybet Hot Chestnut )

and now lives in Surrey.
Chester pictured in 2005


Misty Honeybet Misty For You

Pictured at 6 months, Misty has a new friend TC and lives with Lesley and Jamie in Norfolk. 
Honeybet Misty For You pictured during 2002 Misty

Santa and Chelsea

Even Santa Claus likes Cavaliers, seen here with Chelsea and friends.

Jasper, brother to Jeffery who stayed with us from Brackens last litter. Jasper is loved by Jo-Anne and Phillip. Jasper
2005 Jasper
Gulliver at 10 months

Gulliver pictured at 10 months old, is now living down in East Sussex with Clive and Nancy.
Vlad pictured at approx 12 months old, after another long walk along the beach. Vlad


Louis - Honeybet Buddy Boy in 2003 and below in 2004.

Louis - in 2005.
Alfie Alfie - Honeybet Hot Property,


Toby on his 1st Birthday July 2003
Bailey - Honeybet Hot Line at about 5 months Bailey


Daniel - Honeybet Harvey Nicholls posing at Christmas 2004
Sadie - Honeybet All That Jazz and pictured below in 2005 Sadie


Ellie - Honeybet Hot Summer
Betsy - Honeybet Lucky Heather aged 5 Betsy

Vicky - Honeybet Maleficent aged 6
Bracken in retirement aged 11

Lydia on her 2nd Birthday
Honeybet Cassidy - as a young pup

Making a wish!

All mine - Birthday boy

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