Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Bird and Baby   Jodie's litter 2001  

Jodi's litter was born on Friday 5th October 2001.

You are welcome to enjoy pictures from their early days and follow their adventures as they appear on our Latest News page.

This was a mating of        
    Honeybet Hot N' Spicey   
     ( Jodi )  
     {short description of image}  
     Jezano on Silent Wings to Tayfern
     ( Godfrey )  

Jodie's litter

Jodi delighted us with :

2 Tri colour Bitches

3 weeks old

Pictured at 3 weeks old  3 weeks old

Two Tri Bitches

Two tri Bitches still to be named !

All pictures taken by Marian when they were 6 weeks old.

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