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Honeybet Pep 'C Kola

Welcome to Pepsi's page

Pepsi was born in 2014 and is Twiglets daughter, following the food theme.

She and Florence gave us something to show in 2015 and 2016 and Pepsi has had a couple of class wins at Club Open shows. She certainly makes her presence know at home.


Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Ch Lochbuie Cappuccino Narayden Marsell Downsbank Benedictine Clopsville Jack Daniels
Downsbank Victoria
Narayden Magic Charm Narayden Black Magic
Rustic Charm in Narayden
Lochbuie Nellie Gwynne Honeybet My Way Harana Sinatra
Rosscrea Sugar and Spice for Honeybet
Ripley Bee at Lochbuie Pennygown Prime Suspect
Sorata Sally Ann
Honeybet Soft Shoe Shuffle Honeybet My Way Harana Sinatra Harana Jazzie Jeff
Billie Jean Harana
Rosscrea Sugar and Spice for Honeybet Simpatico So Hot
Rosscrea Swing Out Sister
Honeybet Hot Shoe Shuffle Jezano on Silent Wings to Tayfern Double First at Tayfern
Matel Yellow Rose of Texas at Jezano
Honeybet Hot 'N Spicey Millhill Honeybet Esemble
Honeybet Hot Gossip

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