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Honeybet Harmonika

Welcome to Aimee's page or Mia spelt backwards as she is Mia's daughter. Honeybet Harmonika

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Ch Pascavale Enchanted Ch Tameline Northern Dancer Keyingham Lochlann Nevhills Nazareth
Ingrid Hits Keyingham
Tameline Balanchine Ch Millhill Le Monde
Tameline Pebbles
Ch Britania of Pascavale Pascavale Spencer Ch Chantiz Indianna Spring
Pasavale Lulu
Woodstock Crystal Spring of Pascavale Delhaze Spring Forth
Whyteplace Norma Jean for Woodstock
Honeybet Harmony Salbrie Versace Trirayne Dynamite Dennis at Whyteplace Linjato Ace of Base
Trirayne Winter Fern
Salbrie Isadora CH Millhill Le Frere
Salbrie Ryan's Daughter
Choya Tri To Delight Honeybet Choya Yankee Doodle Dandy Nevhills Nashville
Choya My Delight
Stonepit Delightful at Tasset Homerbrent Harry at Stonepit
Stonepit Bella

Aimee is a Mia daughter born in December 2006.

She only went to a few shows in 2007 and then left the ring to have a litter.

Aimee now lives in retirement with Julie.

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